1 This is our harvest, season of fruitfulness;
God shows his mercies, signs of his faithfulness.
Come to his throne and lay before him
tokens of thankfulness that we owe him.

2 Lord, from our harvest, here are the fruits we bring,
food from the earth you gave us to labour in.
For all these gifts, for all your mercies,
filled with your blessings, we sing your praises.

3 He came, the Christ-child, into the world for us,
living and dying, rising again for us -
firstfruits of all the saints' perfection,
first in the harvest of resurrection.

4 Lord of the harvest, let there be seen in us
not praise alone, but fruits of our faithfulness;
not only tokens of thanksgiving,
but the true harvest of our believing.

5 Now to the Father, maker of harvest-time,
and to Christ Jesus, God's only Son who came,
and to the Spirit, our lifegiver,
glory and majesty be for ever!

Paul Wigmore
(c) Paul Wigmore/admin The Jubilate Group
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CCL# 4214131