1 Through all our days we'll sing the praise
of Christ, the resurrected;
who, though divine, did not decline
to be by men afflicted:
pain, pain and suffering
he knew its taste, he bore its sting;
peace, peace has come to earth
through Christ our king and saviour.

2 His birth obscure, his family poor,
he owned no crown, no kingdom;
yet those who grieve in fear, believe
since he brought light and freedom:
shame, shame and agony
though guiltless he of felony;
shout, shout his sinless name,
our Jesus, king and saviour.

3 At fearful cost his life he lost
that death might be defeated;
the Man of Love, now risen above,
in majesty is seated:
low, low was his descent
to those by sin and sorrow bent;
life, life to all who trust
the Lord, our king and saviour.

4 And all who trust will find they must
obey the will of heaven;
for grief intense can make some sense
to those who are forgiven:
hard, hard the road he trod
the Son of Man, the Son of God;
hope, hope in Christ alone,
our reigning king and saviour.

Michael Saward (born 1932)
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
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CCL# 3101441