After Psalm 77

1 Through relentless doubt and turmoil
I have cried for God's relief,
straining day and night to find him,
yet remaining swamped in grief.
As I wrestled in the silence,
passions surged and nerves grew weak:
since he left me there to suffer,
I could neither sleep nor speak.

2 There I lay, perplexed and taunted
as the echoes of a song
drifted back from nights of worship -
and I wondered what went wrong.
Has God cut me off for ever
from the favour I enjoyed?
Is his tender love forgotten
and his faithful promise void?

3 In the depths of my despondence
I appealed to God at last,
listing all his many marvels
to defend us in the past.
You are holy, God - none greater
ever was or yet could be:
You, displaying power unrivalled
set your shattered people free.

4 Tracts of water, vast, unruly,
seeing you, O God, took fright;
rain came pelting down in torrents,
heaven flared with forks of light.
Crashing waves became your pathway
though you hid your steps from view,
as your shepherds led your people
to a future safe with you.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 8787D Trochaic / Alternative tunes: EBENEZER, CALON LAN

CCL# 7011527