To God, my soul I now commit.
By faith in Christ I may expect,
beyond this life in some small part
his gracious glory to reflect.

To God in prayer I lift my heart
with all my inward self-concern.
Renew me, Lord, and teach me well,
your way to know, your will discern.

From God the truth my mind would seek,
his Spirit guiding all my thought;
to learn with him what I should know
and show with love what I am taught.

My body is the outward sign
of all I am, heart, mind and soul.
Through all life's hurt, through all life's joy,
God works in me to make me whole.

Through faith in Christ, his one true Son,
Beyond this life I can expect
in joyful thanks my part to play,
his gracious glory to reflect.

John Miller. b. 1924

© John Miller/ Jubilate Hymns

8 8 8 8 (LM)
Suggested tune: MELCOMBE