1 To him we come-Jesus Christ our Lord.
God's own living Word, his dear Son:
in him there is no east and west,
in him all nations shall be blessed;
to all he offers peace and rest-
loving Lord!

2 In him we live-Christ our strength and stay,
life and truth and way, friend divine:
his power can break the chains of sin,
still all life's storms without, within,
help us the daily fight to win-
living Lord!

3 For him we go-soldiers of the cross,
counting all things loss him to know;
going to every land and race,
preaching to all redeeming grace,
building his church in every place-
conquering Lord!

4 With him we serve-his the work we share
with saints everywhere, near and far;
one in the task which faith requires,
one in the zeal which never tires,
one in the hope his love inspires-
coming Lord!

5 Onward we go-faithful, bold, and true,
called his will to do day by day,
till, at the last, with joy we'll see
Jesus, in glorious majesty;
live with him through eternity-
reigning Lord!

James E Seddon (1915 - 1983)
© The Representatives of the late James Edward Seddon / admin The Jubilate Group
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Tune: LIVING LORD (Patrick Appleford)

CCL# 2793379