1 To the name of our salvation
honour, worship, let us pay;
which for many a generation
deep in God's foreknowledge lay:
saints of every race and nation
sing aloud that name today.

2 Jesus is the name we treasure
more than words can ever tell;
name of grace beyond all measure,
ear and heart delighting well:
this our refuge and our treasure
conquering sin and death and hell.

3 Highest name for adoration,
strongest name of victory,
sweetest name for meditation
in our pain and misery:
name for greatest veneration
by the citizens on high.

4 Name of love, whoever preaches
speaks like music to the ear;
who in prayer this name beseeches
finds its comfort ever near:
who its perfect wisdom reaches
heavenly joy possesses here.

5 Jesus! name of all our praising
in this world to which you came;
here we sing of love amazing,
and your saving power proclaim;
hearts and voices heavenward raising,
all our hope is in your name!

Jubilate Hymns version of 'To the name of our salvation', John M Neale (1818 - 1866) translated from Gloriosi Salvatoris (Antwerp Breviary, 1446)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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