1 Towering over road and river
stands this house of prayer,
witnessing to God the Giver
who in Christ draws near:
Lord, you plan our history's pages
through all ages bless us here!

2 If these stones could tell the story
of our joys and tears
they would sing 'To God be glory!'
till the Lord appears:
walls and pillars, bell and tower,
tell your power through the years.

3 Wars may rage, and fire, and trouble;
still your people stand:
love divine is measured double,
faith and hope regained:
we are tried, but not forsaken,
never shaken from your hand.

4 Here all races are united,
west is joined with east;
all are welcome, all invited
to the Gospel feast:
each succeeding generation
finds salvation here in Christ.

5 So your church shall praise for ever
our Redeemer's fame,
Jesus Christ, our risen Saviour
glory to his name!
Songs of worship and thanksgiving
shall our living Lord proclaim.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3818208