Transgression rules the wicked person's heart:
there is no fear of God before his eyes;
for, blinded by his own deceptive art,
his sin and guilt he cannot recognise;
his speech is false, corruption is his creed,
all good he spurns in thought, desire and deed.

Your steadfast love, O Lord, transcends the skies,
above the cloud-caps towers your faithfulness,
your truth and righteousness like mountains rise,
your judgments are profound as the abyss;
across the world your goodness is outpoured,
as you provide for man and beast, 0 Lord.

How precious is your steadfast love, 0 God!
Earth's children shelter underneath your wings;
they feast upon the abundance you've bestowed,
and drink delights from your unfailing springs:
from you flows life, a fountain pure and bright,
and it is in your light that we see light.

Maintain your love and righteousness to all
who know you, those of upright heart and true;
let not the proud prevail and cause my fall,
nor let the wicked drive me away from you.
See, every evildoer prostrate lies -
thrown down at last, they nevermore shall rise.

from Psalm 36
© David G Preston / admin The Jubilate Group
Suggested tune: RAVENDALE (John Wilson)