1 Travellers all to Bethlehem,
they sing for me and I for them;
the song they sing is all forlorn,
and mine is of a baby born:
O hear the song I sing today
that Christ is with us on our way.

2 Beautiful child upon my breast,
of all my songs I'll sing the best;
my lullaby this holy morn
is for a holy saviour born:

3 Shepherd boy, with your eyes so bright
to see a king by lantern light,
let your sweet voice with mine adorn
this wondrous day when Christ is born:

4 Travellers from the East come down
to find this King without a crown!
The crown he'll wear no king has worn,
to wear this crown the Christ is born.

Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
LM and Refrain

CCL# 1048613