After Psalm 57

1 Treat me with compassion,
shelter me from harm,
till the trauma passes
and my life is calm.
Set your plan in motion -
sent to set me free
from the accusations
cynics heap on me.

2 God, it's you I'm calling
high in heaven above -
giver of assurance
source of endless love.
Facing countless dangers,
Lord, to you I cry:
let your power and glory
fill the earth and sky!

3 When pursuers stalk me
and a net is spread
let it fail to trap me,
catching them instead.
May I be emboldened
to affirm your ways
and, through words and music,
give you heart-felt praise.

4 Let me wake the morning
as I rise to sing,
so that people round me
hear your praises ring!
Yours is love unbounded,
truth that fills the sky,
glory all-pervading -
Lord, be lifted high!

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 6 5 6 5 D / JOYOUS PEACE (John Barnard)

CCL# 6138459