1 Two hundred years have passed,
five generations gone,
since from these pipes were sounded first
the notes which still play on;
earth's history lives and dies
through passing earls and kings,
while wise and foolish fall or rise
Christ's congregation sings!

2 Two thousand years have flown
since one small handful met,
on fire to make the gospel known,
by hostile powers beset;
like them we long to serve
a people on the move,
to share our faith, to keep our nerve,
and never fail to love.

3 One all-embracing death,
one high-uplifted Lord,
one rushing wind, one quickening breath,
one life renewed, restored
this life, please God, be ours,
this Holy Spirit given;
so every voice, with all our powers
shall tune our hearts to heaven.

4 With every note we use
and every stop in turn,
as instruments we sound the news
that needs no skill to learn;
when Christ still calls the tune
what harmony there is!
ascended once, returning soon,
the great Amen is his!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3818222