1 Two thousand years since Bethlehem
first welcomed Jesus' birth:
the startling truth began to dawn
that God had come to earth.
And as he grew and lived and taught
a diff'rent way unfurled:
a way of joy and love and peace,
a new start for the world!

2 Two thousand years since Galilee
where Jesus preached and healed;
in words of truth and works of power
God's kingdom was revealed.
As young and old and rich and poor
responded to his call,
they found what we may find today:
a new start for us all!

3 Two thousand years since Calvary,
the hill where Jesus died;
the Lamb of God, the sinless one,
for me was crucified.
But soon he rose up from the grave
to reign in victory;
good news I scarcely can believe:
a new start won for me!

4 Two thousand years since Pentecost:
the Holy Spirit came
in sound of mighty, rushing wind
and tongues of living flame;
a gift to all who will believe
and live the Jesus way;
the power of God we may receive,
a new start from today!

5 Two thousand years of Christian faith
have changed our history,
for Jesus is the Lord of time
and of eternity.
For all who seek a better way,
than failure, sin and pain,
still Jesus Christ makes all things new:
a chance to start again!

Brian R Hoare (born 1935)
© Brian Hoare/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 2950291