1 Unto the silent hills I raise
my weary eyes, that they may gaze
and feast upon the peaceful scene
that makes my soul content, serene.

2 Yet for my strength and help I seek
the one who made the mountain peak;
the Lord who formed the heavens and earth,
and gave created man his birth.

3 He is my keeper and my guide
when I walk closely by his side,
no evil thing beneath the sky
escapes his wise, discerning eye.

4 His loving hand will shield by day
from scorching heat of sun's hot ray;
he will not sleep by day or night,
his children's good is his delight.

5 Unto the silent hills I raise
my eyes, my heart, my soul in praise;
to him may alleluias soar,
who keeps my life for ever more!

Mollie Knight (1917 - 1993), based on Psalm 121
© Trevor Knight/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 4190073