1 We are called to welcome strangers,
offer shelter, food and rest;
heal the wounds of mind and body,
showing love with true respect. 
Those who flee from war-torn homelands
or fear death for their beliefs,
those who run from flood or famine: 
will we meet them in their grief?

2 Here we see our brothers, sisters,
each the image of our God.
If we turn our faces from them,
we deny his living word. 
He would have us feed the hungry,
free the captive, tend the weak,
care for all who now are helpless,
offer respite to the meek.

3 If we fail to challenge falsehood,
if we bow to unjust laws,
then the stranger’s eyes will show us 
God’s own eyes which weep for us.
Let us pray as Jesus taught us,
“Father, let your kingdom come,"
and with Christ-like loving kindness
we will welcome strangers home.

Author: Sheena Evans

CCL# 7184931