1 We solemnly remember
the casualties of war
who never knew the freedom
they struggled to restore.
Reports of bitter discord
and tensions still increase:
may God draw near in mercy
and help us strive for peace.
2 The message brought by angels
announcing Jesus’ birth   
is needed now, as ever, 
throughout this troubled earth.
He died for guilty strangers,
his cross is our release;
by grace we live, proclaiming
the gospel of his peace.
3 The rainbow, sign of promise
emblazoned on the sky,
reminds us of God's covenant,  
unchanged as years go by.
When vision fades or falters
and strength and hope decrease,
his Spirit will empower us
and fill our hearts with peace.
4 In Christ, the path of grieving
will lead at last to joy;
his realm of light and goodness,
no evil can destroy.
Through him, whose love and justice
will neither spoil nor cease,
may we, by faith united,
pursue his heavenly peace.

Emma Turl

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