1 We love the place, O God,
in which your honour dwells:
the joy of your abode,
all earthly joy excels.

2 We love the house of prayer:
for where Christ's people meet,
our risen Lord is there
to make our joy complete.

3 We love the word of life,
the word that tells of peace,
of comfort in the strife
and joys that never cease.

4 We love the cleansing sign
of life through Christ our Lord,
where with the name divine
we seal the child of God.

5 We love the holy feast
where, nourished with this food,
by faith we feed on Christ,
his body and his blood.

6 We love to sing below
of mercies freely given,
but O, we long to know
the triumph-song of heaven.

7 Lord Jesus, give us grace
on earth to love you more,
in heaven to see your face
and with your saints adore.

Jubilate Hymns version of 'We love the place, O God', Henry W Baker (1821 - 1877) after William Bullock (1797 - 1874)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd
6 6 6 6 Iambic

CCL# 987847