We tread in their footsteps where prophets have trod;
we come to the mountain, the presence of God.
The bush that was burning with fire all around;
we stand there with Moses, on holy ground.

O give me the eyes and ears of faith,
to answer your call!
O give me a heart on fire with love
to give you my all.

The mountain of meeting, of covenant law,
created a people of worship and awe.
Delivered from bondage; the blood was their sign;
they sang of redemption; we stand in their line.

The glory of Jesus, majestic to see.
up high on a mountain, transfigured was he.
Elijah and Moses appeared from the past;
predicting salvation, accomplished at last.

We come to Mount Zion of suffering love;
the church of the firstborn, redeemed from above.
The Cross is our glory, its value unpriced;
a love ever-burning in Jesus the Christ.

Richard Bewes b. 1934
© Richard Bewes /Jubilate Hymns

6565D plus refrain

set to "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis

CCL# 2422011