1 We worship God in harmony
with hearts in full accord;
we share one Spirit, hope and faith,
one Father and one Lord:
   In Jesus Christ our Lord and king,
   in Jesus Christ our Lord,
   the Spirit makes us all as one
   in Jesus Christ our Lord.

2 We're children now of God by grace
our new life has begun,
where male and female, Greek and Jew,
both bound and free are one.
   In Jesus Christ...

3 We live as those whom Christ has called
to love with Christ-like mind
that looks towards each other's needs,
forbearing, patient, kind.
   In Jesus Christ...

4 One day we'll see him face to face,
to him we'll bow the knee;
we'll never say goodbye again
the best is yet to be!
   In Jesus Christ...

Michael Baughen (born 1930)
© Michael Baughen/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 244504