1 Welcome to another day!
night is blinded:
'Welcome', let creation say;
darkness ended.
Comes the sunshine after dew,
time for labour;
time to love my God anew
and my neighbour.

2 Welcome to the day of prayer
with God's people
welcome is the joy we share
at his table
Bread and wine from heaven fall:
come, receive it
that the Christ may reign in all
who believe it.

3 Welcome is the peace that's given,
sure for ever;
welcome is the hope of heaven
when life's over.
As we work and as we pray,
trust God's story:
come then, as the dawning day
heralds glory!

Michael Saward
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
7 4 7 4 D

CCL# 6039417