1 What Daniel has seen in visions by night,
whatever they mean, their truth he must write:
four beasts from the ocean devour all they find;
their cruel commotion still troubles our mind.

2 But see! One they name the Ancient of Days
whose throne is all flame, his pathway ablaze:
great throngs in procession, the Judge at their head;
his court is in session, the books will be read.

3 The beasts and the kings have met their last hour,
their teeth and their wings are shorn of their power.
And look! - in the vision, the true Son of Man,
completing his mission, perfecting God's plan.

4 He comes on the cloud, approaching the throne,
still bruised but unbowed, no longer unknown.
His is the dominion, whom nations obey;
his glorious kingdom shall not pass away.

5 The end is not yet; the earth still has strife,
new beasts roar their threats to tear out our life.
But saints throughout history who serve the Most High
shall fathom the mystery, shall live and not die.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle / Jubilate Hymns
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Suggested tune: HANOVER

CCL# 3818301