1 What does the Lord our God require
from all his people here?
To make his glory our desire,
his name our love and fear;
to keep the laws his love designed,
walking in all his ways;
to serve with all our heart and mind
the God who is our praise.

2 To God belongs the earth and heaven,
his creatures they contain;
and yet to us his love is given,
in us he comes to reign.
Away then, stubborn thoughts and words
every rebellious thing
opposing God, the Lord of lords,
the uncorrupted king!

3 The widow and the fatherless
his strong protection share;
a stranger's need, a world's distress
must be his people's care.
See what the Father's power has done,
yield to the Spirit's claim;
display the victories of the Son
and glorify his name!

Christopher Idle from Deuteronomy 10
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3818318