1 What is our mission in this place,
our vision for these days?
Our homes alive with love for God
our cities filled with praise!
The church a true community
to serve our neighbourhood;
friends gathered round by Jesus Christ
at work for all, for good.

2 To welcome everyone in need
with free, affirming care;
to hear God's word, to teach his truth,
his justice find and share:
to send, and to be sent ourselves
and look for opening doors
along the street, or nationwide,
or far beyond our shores.

3 To build in partnership with Christ,
to pray 'Your Kingdom come',
that he who changed us at his cross
will heal this place, our home.
O Holy Spirit, move our hearts;
mend us and make us one,
in beautiful variety
our heaven on earth begun!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
Permitted variants: The original text written for Peckham Park Baptist Church used the following lines appropriate to the locality. Verse 1, lines 3 and 4: 'The Park alive with love for God and Peckham filled with praise!' Verse 2, line 7: 'along the street, or London-wide'.


CCL# 3818325