1 When God made all things well 
and trees adorned the earth, 
how few at first could tell
their beauty or their worth; 
but cedar, pine
and olive wood
are still a sign
of all that's good.

2 When forests are cut down
and greed becomes our goal,
where green is turned to brown
and deserts take control; 
what evils come, 
and harm untold
to this our home, 
our precious world.

3 Our sinful heart rebels
against the laws you give;
God save us from ourselves,
that we repent and live.
May humankind
give earth its due
till woodlands find
their life made new.

4 Before new poisons reign
or earth and waters choke,
let us with zeal regain
the palm, the beech, the oak.
Here as in heaven 
your will be done, 
and thanks be given 
to you alone.

© Christopher Idle / admin. Jubilate Hymns
Metre: 6 6 6 6 4 4 4 4