1 When our lives are empty, aching,
may God be known.
When our minds are torn or breaking,
may love be shown.
In depression or confusion,
racing thoughts or grand delusion,
in a memory’s harsh intrusion,
may God be known.

2 When we love our life no longer,
still God is near.
When the will for death seems stronger,
love holds us dear.
In the hurting, self-demeaning,
crying, cutting, burning, bleeding,
in the numbness, void of meaning,
still God is near.

3 When those closest harm or fail us,
God’s Son is there.
When unfeeling friends betray us,
Christ hears our prayer.
In our sleepless desperation,
through the course of medication,
in the longing for salvation,
God’s Son is there.

4 Through the pain that Jesus suffered
God’s love is known.
Through each caring gesture offered
Christ’s love is shown.
In our listening and receiving,
neither judging nor deceiving,
in the loss and through the grieving,
God’s love is known.


Author: Donald Wetherick


CCL# 7184917