1 When we were lost and far away 
God met us in his son, 
the Saviour sent to lead us home, 
the humble, holy one. 
He did not come with majesty  
or beauty in his face,  
but living, dying, he declared  
God’s loving, saving grace.  
2 Behold the one the prophets knew  
was promised by God’s love;  
behold the son that Mary bore  
when angels sang above;  
and in this child the wise men saw  
a king, one born to reign:  
whose path was suffering servanthood,  
who died to rise again.  
3 He lived a stranger in our midst,  
a sign that few could read,  
the guest we would not welcome in,  
the victim left to bleed;  
for we had failed to recognise  
the Son of God on earth,  
the one who takes our guilt away  
and gives a second birth.  
4 So we are found and loved and known 
and meet with God once more. 
The child of Christmas is our hope, 
an ever-open door. 
May all who share his risen life 
now joyfully proclaim: 
Emmanuel! God dwells with us,  
and Jesus is his name. 
Tune: NOEL
8 6 8 6 D

words © Donald Wetherick / Jubilate, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd