1 When Christ was born in Bethlehem, there was no room;
no-one made space to greet the holy child.
Though as a man he sought to banish fear and gloom,
he was by many hated and reviled.
Two thousand years have passed since Christ first came to earth
and still today so many spurn his name.
Our task is clear as we recall the Saviour's birth;
we must tell all the world the reason why he came.

2 When Christ was born did shepherds say 'Can this be true;
a baby come to save us from our sin?'
They did not know he would be like a shepherd too,
and die a lonely death, a world to win.
Two thousand years have passed since shepherds heard the news
and still today Christ seeks and saves the lost.
He asks us all to join him. How can we refuse
to heed his call, no matter what the pain or cost ?

3 When Christ was born the wise men came on bended knee;
the long-sought king foretold, they now had found.
In life, he preached a kingdom in which all were free;
in death, with cruel thorns his head was crowned.
Two thousand years have passed since wise men saw the star,
and still today our praise to Christ we bring.
Through us his love extends to all, both near and far;
our task, to show the world that Jesus Christ is king.

John Capon b. 1938
© John Capon /Jubilate Hymns

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Suggested tune: Londonderry Air