1 When David found his rest,
his rule, his warfare past,
his foes laid low, his sins confessed,
God gave him peace at last.
Shepherd of Israel's land,
singer of psalm and song,
the strength divine was in his hand,
God's word upon his tongue.

2 A prophet for his day,
a king and yet a child
of God, an artist skilled to play,
a wanderer reconciled.
At Zion was his court,
his music and his prayer,
and here the sacred ark was brought
a sign that God was there.

3 And David's name lived on,
his house, his line, his throne;
for God had spoken of a son
to be his very own;
and when the time had come
palm branches lined the road
to wave the Son of David home,
the Son of David's God!

4 On high and holy ground
the living Ark arrives;
where Jesus is, there God is found
to fill our land, our lives.
Bring welcome for your Lord,
his name salute and sing!
Come, see his glory, hear his word
and serve our coming King!

Christopher Idle from 2 Samuel 6, 7, and 23
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 2100842