When I turn my eyes to see
what the world can offer me,
who alone can be my help?
O lift my eyes
from the fears that threaten me,
and vain hopes, to set me free.
Who alone can be my help?
O lift my eyes.

Lift my eyes, lift my eyes,
lift my eyes beyond the hills
to the God who keeps me still;
O lift my eyes.

For all worlds are in his hands,
evermore his kingdom stands,
yet he keeps me in his gaze.
O lift my eyes.
He who watches will not sleep,
for the shepherd guards his sheep.
None can snatch me from his hand

O lift my eyes, Lift my eyes . . .

His presence with me as I start on the way,
sustained by his grace in the heat of the day.
No evil prevails in his purpose for me,
till his face I see

Lift my eyes . .

Steve James
© Steve James / Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 4021874