1 When Jesus came to Bethlehem, dark was the night;
the world did not know him, though he is its light.
And earth did not recognise the Son who could save,
nor even its need for the love that he gave:
he gave, he gave;
and the love and forgiveness and healing he gave.

2 When Jesus came to Nazareth, clear was his word,
and neighbours were stunned at the wisdom they heard;
his neighbours rejected him, closed in for the kill,
and tried to throw God to his death from their hill:
their hill, their hill;
but it was not the time, and it was not the hill.

3 When Jesus to Jerusalem came with the crowd
they waved and they shouted Hosanna aloud;
but soon they were calling out a different refrain
and screamed 'Crucify him!' again and again:
again, again;
and some are still shouting, again and again.

4 When Jesus comes to London he comes with no sign,
but brings living water and fruit from the vine;
he comes here to rescue us, to give us new birth,
and this time, will Jesus find faith on the earth?
on earth, on earth;
and will he find me keeping faith on the earth?

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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