When Jesus came to earth,
his arms were opened wide,
his love was deep and reached to all:
let God be glorified!

The Son of God knew thirst,
felt hunger and grew tired
and faced temptation, just like us:
let God be glorified!

The Son of God went out
where suffering people sighed
and brought forgiveness, joy and peace:
let God be glorified!

He wept at Lazarus' grave,
but then with power he cried
"Come out!" - and Lazarus lived again:
let God be glorified!

The veil was torn in two
the day that Jesus died;
the way was opened back to God:
let God be glorified!

At dawn on Easter Day,
the stone was rolled aside,
he rose from death, the Prince of life:
let God be glorified!

On clouds of heaven he'll come -
no-one from him will hide,
for all shall stand before their Judge
when God is glorified!

Brian Black (b. 1926)
© Brian Black / admin. The Jubilate Group
6 6 8 6 (SM)
Tune: Olwyn

CCL# 5282966