1 When lawless people thrive
and wrong suppresses right,
remember they will fade away
and wither overnight.
Commit your life to God,
and trust the Lord to make
the justice of your righteous cause
shine clear for his name's sake.

2 Be still before the Lord;
in patience learn to wait
and never fret if crime succeeds
and some grow rich and great.
For jealous discontent
tends only to destroy;
the meek who look to God their Lord
a kingdom shall enjoy.

3 The godless borrows much
and cannot then pay back;
the righteous give, and give again,
are blessed, and have no lack.
The saints whose lives are true
can turn away from wrong;
God's word is hidden in their heart,
God's wisdom guides their tongue.

4 I've seen a boasting thief
grow like a weed apace;
but when I passed that way again
I looked, but found no trace.
My steps are from the Lord
who helps my feet to stand;
I stumble but I do not fall;
my God shall hold my hand.

5 Salvation is from God
in times of blatant wrong,
and all who seek his shelter find
a refuge safe and strong.
So fully trust the Lord;
shun evil, follow right:
God gives you all your heart's desire
when he is your delight.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3351538