When Nehemiah heard about
the broken city wall.
he prayed - then boldly asked the king
for leave to go and call
the faithful men to work with him
to mend the city wall
'O come now to build the city wall!
build the wall.
for God we will build the city wall'.

Then Nehemiah rode at night
around his former land.
and in the day encouraged all
his faithful working band.
and so they built the city up
with sword and trowel in hand:
'O come...

And Nehemiah trusted God
when everything went wrong,
when evil men tried all they could
to make the work seem long;
he prayed again - and so his faith
made all the people strong:
'O come. ..

Like Nehemiah we can build
to bring God's kingdom near;
with prayer and faith and willing hearts
we welcome people here,
to tell them Jesus came to save
from sin and guilt and fear:
'O come now to build the kingdom here -
kingdom here -
for God we will build the kingdom here!'

Barbara Woollett
© Barbara Woollett / Jubilate Hymns

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