1 When prison walls extend their reach
and captives are not freed,
hear us, our Father, and outstretch
your arm to meet our need.
When shadows lengthen in the days
of danger, lies and death,
grant to your church the will to pray
with clear, persistent faith.

2 When Christians fear that earthly power
will quench their liberty,
grant them the steadfast mind to know
your word runs swift and free.
When brothers, sisters come to die
by fire or rope or gun,
grant them the grace to fix their eyes
on Christ, your risen Son.

3 For prison's secret miracles,
for witness borne through shame,
letters and books from lonely cells
all glory to your name!
For converts won in high-walled yard,
for songs outlasting pain,
martyrs who gained their hope's reward
our hearts give thanks again.

4 For love replacing cruel hate,
for enemies made friends
Father, as all your deeds are great,
your praise shall never end.
Yours are the walls, the lock, the key,
and Christ the open door;
our justice, mercy, life and joy,
our freedom evermore.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3818370