When Solomon came to be king of all Israel
the Lord showed him mercy and searched out his mind:
'Whatever you want, you must ask me to give you' -
a foretaste of what every Christian can find.

He asked not for riches, for long life or glory,
but only for wisdom in ruling the land;
to be the Lord's servant, to know good from evil,
the mind of a monarch who could understand.

So God gave king Solomon wisdom to govern,
a heart of discernment, the answer to prayer,
and what he did not ask, that too God provided,
both riches and honour most glorious and rare.

God grant we may long for the things that are needful,
your will and your kingdom, and praying, believe
your energy gives us far more in Christ Jesus
than words can convey or our minds can conceive.

Christopher Idle b.1938

© Christopher Idle/ admin. The Jubilate Group
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