1 When the stars in their flight fall from the heavens,
and the world has surrendered to night,
and the pillars of earth have been shaken,
and the sun and the moon lose their light:
   Then we'll see the Lord come in his glory,
   in the clouds he'll descend from his throne;
   he will send all his angels before him,
   and with joy they will gather his own.

2 Be on guard! Be prepared for Jesus' coming;
for we don't know the day or the hour,
but we'll hear of the wars of the nations,
when the kings of the earth lose their power.
   Then we'll see ...

3 We can trust in the presence of the Spirit,
he will teach us what we are to say;
and we need not be fearful or anxious,
for his grace will provide in that day
   Then we'll see ...

4 When the leaves of the fig tree are emerging,
then we see that the summer is near,
even so, as these things start to happen
then you know that the Son will appear.
   Then we'll see ... 

La venida de Cristo se acerca Santiago Stevenson translated by Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.