1 When the sun is darkened and the
moon gives no light,
and the stars fall from the sky,
then in heaven will appear the
long-promised sign
that proclaims the Son of Man.

2 All the peoples of the world will
cry and lament
when they see the Son of Man
coming in great power and glory
high on the clouds
with his angels serving him.

3 He will send his angels with a
loud trumpet blast,
from the farthest bounds of heaven;
from the four winds they will gather
his chosen ones
who are ready for their Lord.

4 None on earth can prophesy the
day or the hour
which the Father knows alone;
keep awake and well prepared, for
Jesus will come
at the time you least expect.

5 Happy is the servant who is
found keeping faith
when the Master comes again;
heaven and earth will pass away, but
never the words
of the Lord, the Son of Man.

Tune: ADVENT PSALM (Norman Warren)

Christopher Idle from Matthew 24
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 994469