1 When this land knew God's gracious love outpoured
guilt was removed and captive lives restored;
then was turned back the anger of the Lord,
his people pardoned, their sins forgiven.

2 But now where wrong so flagrantly has trod
will you forever punish with your rod?
Once more revive us! Give us life, O God!
give joy for anguish; for wrath, salvation.

3 O let me hear God's word of sweet command:
peace to his saints, salvation is at hand;
peace to his people, glory in our land
for those who fear him, who turn and worship.

4 That day draws near when truth will join with grace,
justice and peace will meet in love's embrace;
faith on the earth, and from his holy place
he comes in glory, the righteous Saviour.

Tune: BIGGIN HILL (Michael Baughen)

Christopher Idle from Psalm 85
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
10 10 10 10 Iambic

CCL# 3818404