1 Where are the words that can express
the love of Jesus, Son of God?
What gift from all that I possess
compares with his redeeming blood?

2 If I had perfect fluency
and matched the angels in my song,
but did not have Christ's love in me,
I would be like a noisy gong.

3 And even if I prophesy,
or make unyielding mountains move,
or give my body up to die,
what will I gain without his love?

4 The ones who love are patient, kind -
they envy no-one else's good,
for they reflect their Saviour's mind,
not boastful, selfish, proud or rude.

5 Love is not angered easily,
it bears no grudge when friendship fails,
delighting not in injury
but overjoyed when truth prevails.

6 Love is a shelter, love is sure;
its hope holds firm though fortunes fall.
Together faith, hope, love endure,
and love's the greatest of them all.

7 Come Lord, and fill my fearful heart
with love divine and heavenly grace;
for now I glimpse a little part,
but soon I'll see you face to face!

After 1 Corinthians 13

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl, admin. The Jubilate Group

CCL# 5781728