1 Where is the one our God will choose?
Judas had gone; he died in shame,
but Peter counselled: Christ can use
another to declare his name:

2 One who with us has shared and talked
since John baptized and led the way,
along the paths that Jesus walked
until the Lord's ascension day:

3 A witness who will give his word:
'Jesus who died now lives again!'
whose eyes have seen the risen Lord,
whose lips can preach his coming reign:

4 A man prepared to give his hand
to service in the humblest place;
yet also take a leader's stand,
equipped with apostolic grace.

5 So he who at that mighty start
sent out Matthias with good news
still knows today the human heart:
where is the one our God will choose?

Christopher Idle from Acts 1
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3818435