1 Which way are you choosing, the narrow or broad?
You'll have to make up your mind.
Just give up your own way and follow the Lord;
Why don't you make up your mind?
He died, the stranger of Galilee,
to bring salvation to you and me;
A strong companion you'll prove Him to be,
So won't you make up your mind?

2 Which crowd will you follow, the large or the small?
Be sure to make up your mind.
The cost is demanding, but hear Jesus call;
Then come and make up your mind.
Your friends may shun you unthinkingly,
But Christ gives power and liberty;
To life with purpose you'll find the key,
When once you make up your mind!

3 On which are you resting, the Rock or the sand?
You'd better make up your mind!
With Christ as foundation your building will stand,
But have you made up your mind?
Temptations and trials must come your way,
The storms of Judgement will rage one day;
Take Jesus and on Him your confidence stay,
Don't wait, but make up your mind!

4 O what will you do with the Saviour today?
He bids you make up your mind.
Repent and accept Him without delay,
O sinner, make up your mind!
Why stumble alone along the road?
He'll sort your tangles, He'll take your load,
And in your heart He will make his abode;
It's time to make up your mind!

Richard Bewes (born 1934)
© Richard Bewes/Jubilate Hymns
11 7 11 7 9 9 10 7 Irregular

CCL# 963184