1 Who can bind the raging sea
or walk the ocean floor?
Who can find where snow is made,
or hail is kept in store?
Who can know how light begins
or darkness ends the day?
Who can go where planets grow,
or show someone the way?

2 Who directs the rushing stream
and steers the rolling storm?
Who protects the lion cubs
and ravens' young from harm?
Who decides when deer shall breed
or mountain goats give birth?
Who provides, defends and guides?
The Lord of all the earth!

3 In God's hands the awesome power
that hurls the stars through space:
God commands the lightning strikes,
the thunderclouds embrace!
God's arm flings the waters high
and trims the foam-flecked waves;
Glory, sing to heaven's king
our God who loves and saves!

Michael Perry (1942 - 1996)
© Mrs B Perry/Jubilate Hymns
7 6 7 6 D Trochaic and Iambic11

CCL# 2766887