1 Why, mighty hero, must you boast
of cruelty and of crime,
yet disregard God's steadfast love
which lasts throughout all time?
How razor-sharp your deadly tongue,
what treachery you devise!
You cling to evil, hate the good
and love pernicious lies.

2 But God will tear you clean away
from all the wealth you own,
from home and family, life itself,
to reap what you have sown.
The righteous will look on in awe,
and with relief will say:
'We knew his trust was not in God
in wealth and greed it lay.'

3 But I am like an olive tree
that thrives in God's domain,
dependent on his steadfast love
whose power can never wane.
I will for ever give you praise
for what your hand has done,
hope in your name, and with your saints
make all your goodness known.

David G Preston (born 1939) from Psalm 52
© David Preston/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3358177