That War May Cease

1 With solemn hearts we recollect 
the sacrifices made:  
the brutal, surging tides of war, 
the powers of hate arrayed; 
when duty called and courage rose, 
so many bore the cost, 
in hope that justice would prevail 
and freedom not be lost.  

2 Yet still across the centuries 
the voice of Christ rings clear, 
for news of war, and rumours too, 
recur through every year:  
in our time, as in every age, 
some twist the word of God, 
disdain the truth that Jesus taught 
and spurn the path he trod.  

3 In our hearts, too, there lurk the seeds 
of envy, rage and spite; 
when fully-grown, these very things 
drive nations on to fight.  
Though painful lessons from our past 
re-echo down the years, 
our greedy dreams still nurture threats 
while half-truths stoke our fears.  

4 We honour those who died in war, 
yet pray that war may cease; 
as servants of a suffering God 
we pledge to work for peace 
till melodies of praise and joy 
supplant the martial drum – 
may your will, Lord, be done on earth, 
and may your kingdom come.  

8 6 8 6 D (DCM)

Tune: NOEL

words © Martin Leckebusch / Jubilate
admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 7142928