With joyful heart, praise Christ the Lord
for years which God has blessed.
For those within these isles who have
the faith of Christ confessed.
Give thanks for every Christian life -
resourceful, generous, meek -
whose shining witness down the years
continues still to speak.

With active mind, acknowledge how
the risen Christ today
awakens people to respond,
to listen, serve and pray.
Give thanks that when our efforts fail
to build or to persuade,
the Spirit comes with wind and flame
to quicken hopes that fade.

With lifted eyes, look far ahead
to see Christ standing there.
The Lord who firmly beckons us
his ministry to share.
To love with self-outpouring love
the world for which he died,
to meet and match the needs of those
who struggle at our side.

Throw wide the doors to Jesus Christ
and praise the living Lord;
who feeds the universal church
by sacrament and word.
One fraction of that flock, may we
be faithful in our task,
encouraged that God's gifts exceed
all that we dare to ask.

David Mowbray b. 1938
© David Mowbray / administered by the Jubilate Group
DCM 8686D Tune: Kingsfold English melody

CCL# 3759367