1 With Mary let my soul rejoice,
and praise God's holy name
his saving love from first to last,
from age to age, the same!

2 How strong his arm, how great his power!
the proud he will disown;
the meek and humble he exalts
to share his glorious throne.

3 The rich our God will send away
and feed the hungry poor;
the arms of love remain outstretched
at mercy's open door.

4 So shall God's promise be fulfilled,
to Israel firmly made:
a child is born, a Son is given
whose crown will never fade.

5 All glory to the Father, Son
and Spirit now proclaim;
with Mary let the world rejoice
and praise God's holy name!

After Magnificat, David Mowbray (born 1938)
© David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns

CCL# 877067