1 You are the God of our fathers,
and we are the people you have chosen.
Power and might are in your hand,
and no-one can stand against you, O Lord,
no-one can stand against you.

2 You are the God who changes history,
and we are the people you have rescued.
Here we stand in the Promised Land
we love you and praise you for evermore;
here we will praise you for ever.

3 Father, the whole earth is full of your glory,
the Sun of your righteousness shines in our eyes;
the splendour of holiness puts the world to shame,
and your wonderful love is for ever the same
your love is for ever the same.

Geoff Twigg (born 1951) from 2 Chronicles 20
© 1993 Geoffrey Twigg/Jubilate Hymns Ltd.

CCL# 2508832