1 Your feet, O Lord, have walked this earth,
Your knees have knelt among its shade,
Teach us to tread your path of love,
And kneel where broken words are made.

2 Your hands have held the hand of death,
Your side, the spear with evil bright;
Take hold, and raise us from the wrong
That with such ease may seem the right.

3 Your breast was steeped in pain of love
When Judas thought to still your heart;
Who dare betray the Son of God?
Who tear such love and life apart?

4 Your face looked down from that high cross,
And we, O Lord, were there in kind;
Shine on us now from your bright throne,
And light our hands and hearts and mind.

5 So may our life of faith be lit
With gleams from your celestial grace
Till faith no longer lends its light
And we adore you face to face.

Paul Wigmore (born 1925)
© Paul Wigmore/Jubilate Hymns
Written for the tune MARSTON (Barnard). Others may be less effective.

CCL# 7204590