Yours the greatness, Lord, the glory,
splendour, might and majesty!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
ever-giving Trinity.

Generous God, we kneel astounded
that you touch our lives today
as we break this bread together,
taste the wine and pause to pray.

With our praises, Lord, we bring you
our possessions, like the lad
who entrusted loaves and fishes
to your keeping, all he had.

Take the sum of our resources:
skills and training, strength and health;
time, concern, imagination,
talents generating wealth.

Christ our Lord, transform these offerings -
yours the resurrection power!
Ours the task as faithful stewards
to confront the present hour.

Repeat verse 1

David Mowbray b. 1938
© David Mowbray / Jubilate Hymns


CCL# 3524262