The Big Sing CD

Featuring 15 of Jubilate's finest songs and hymns, recorded live with a huge choir in 2015.

Track list:

1. I come in joy and wonder
(Derek Baldwin/ David Peacock)

2. He came down
(trad. arr Geoff Weaver)

3. Icon of the invisible God
(Janet Lunt)

4. No frightened shepherds now
(Paul Wigmore/David Iliff)

5. Away in a manger
(J.T. McFarland, Stephen Burtonwood)

6. There's a man riding in on a donkey
(Paul Wigmore/trad. arr Christian Strover)

7. A bowl of water and a towel
(Martin Leckebusch/trad. arr David Peacock)

8. He stood before the court
(Christopher Idle/J. Calkin, arr Roger Mayor)

9. The hands of Christ
(Michael Perry/Chris Rolinson)

10. Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world
(Roger Peach)

11. My song is love unknown
(Samuel Crossman/Stephen Burtonwood)

12. Whose hand could shape
(Martin Leckebusch/trad. arr David Iliff)

13. Baptised in water
(Michael Saward/trad. arr John Barnard)

14. Lord, be my vision
(after Mary Byrne and Eleanor Hull/trad. arr John Barnard)

15. Peace be with you all
(Michael Saward/David Peacock)

Also available: Accompanying Big Sing Songbook,with piano scores for all 15 items - click here