1 Bethlehem waiting,
Joseph and Mary,
Finding a stable,
Sleep in the hay.
Angels are singing,
Shepherds are watching,
Jesus is sleeping,
Joyful the day.

2 Valleys shall echo
Hung between mountains
Shaken with thunder
Covered with snow.
Satan is conquered,
Evil is broken,
Jesus has risen,
Worship the day.

3 Souls are awaking
Clouds are descending,
Sunshine is breaking,
Clouds melt away.
Promise fulfilling,
Jesus returning,
Raising the living,
Soon is the day.

4 Sorrow and sighing
Seen in our faces,
Anguish and dying,
Banished away.
Christians are rising,
Glory is waiting,
Jesus is coming,
Watch for the day.

Christopher Porteous (born 1935)
© C. Porteous/Jubilate Hymns
5 5 5 4 D

CCL# 963122